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Lawrence Haliday Philly Native Clothing
Philly Native Family

Lawrence E. Haliday

Lawrence was born in 1970 and grew up in the Logan section of Philadelphia. He attended catholic school from elementary to high school. He transferred to Abington Senior High where he graduated.


The majority of Lawrences childhood he attended Philadelphia summer art camp programs where he learned many mediums in the art field, and he received his first award and trophy for his art. His art was chosen for the Camps Annual Art show and invitations were sent out city wide.


Lawrence canvases have been painting painters caps, jeans, shirts, and wall murals. He has worked with airbrushing, acrylic painting, charcoal, ink, Canti, pastels, water color, oil and mixed mediums. He has painted in various styles such as graffiti, abstract art, and realism. Lawrence also dabbled in everything from cartoon, still life, to portrait designs.


He has worked in the marketing field for 16 years for various companies in a corporate environment.


He attended Spring Garden College for architecture, Temple University for business and Chestnut Hill College for Marketing.


Lawrence owned Lawrence Halidays Original Hand painted Clothing from 1992 to 1995. His work was featured in many Prudential Healthcare sponsored Art Shows and Publications


Self titled as a "jock of all trades", Lawrence enjoys various sports such as skiing, swimming, weightlifting, tennis, football, basketball, motorcycle riding and has played volleyball at the college level. In 2023, he was appointed coach for the newly formed Mens Volleyball Team at Calvary Baptist School in Lansdale, PA.


In 1998 Lawrence married his soul mate Angel and are blessed with 4 sons Lawrence II, Lawrenz, Lawson and Lowell.  Then in 2017 they were blessed to add a Princess to the family with the arrival of baby Laurel. Lawrence enjoys spending time with his family at home and traveling creating amazing memories.


Lawrence is a God-fearing Christian man who is always ready to extend a hand as a blessing to everyone he encounters. His lives by the biblical principle of sowing into the lives of others will reap a harvest.  His goal is to be blessed so that he can be a blessing to others.  He is a member of Higher Ground Church International under the spiritual leadership of Pastors Steven and Wanda Martin. 


Lawrence has been a Member of The Board of Directors of Higher Ground International, The Leadership Network of Philadelphia After School Tutor and Mentoring Programs and is a current Board Member of  The Bringing Everybody Together (BET) Organization. 


Lawrence is the CEO, co-founder, and head designer for Philly Native Clothing Company.

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